Lev Lalev is making an impact daily!  These success stories highlight some of the achievements of our girls and the involvement of our friends.

Girls from our Home:

M. an orphaned girl came from a small village in Northern Israel. She came to our Children's Home when she was ten years old from a Keilat Charon (safe house). She was emotionally unstable and was at least two grade levels behind when she arrived at Lev Lalev.

Fast forward eight and a half years, she graduated high school in the top quarter of her class and is today a part-time counselor for our youngest group. She studies Art and Music Therapy in a program run by a local College. She looks forward to a life of peace, harmony, and wants to help others.


From our mailbox:

Susan C:  She and her husband had recently made a donation to help our orphaned girls. We sent her a picture of one of our orphans. In response, she wrote to us “My husband and I decided to give one another a special gift…. Another donation for the girls at Lev Lalev.

We love you and will pray for your tireless work. We pray for peace in Jerusalem. You are part of our family….. Tell the girls they are beautiful and precious and that we love them”.


A Monthly Donor Wrote
I first heard of Lev la Lev when a friend of mine told me one day, A girl’s orphanage in Israel was praying for my recovery. I wasn't in the best of moods that day - concerned with my own selfish needs. It caused me to pause and forget about my anxiety and depression.
It gave me the perspective that if those orphans girls who have far greater needs than I will ever have - who don't have even the basic luxury of being nurtured by their mother and father - if they prayed for me, than what's my problem? What am I so upset about?
It started me thinking .What is their life like? What do they eat? Do they have enough? What heartaches must they have?

Lev la Lev means Heart to Heart, right? The slogan is What comes from your heart enters theirs. Well I think in my situation it was the reverse, what came from their hearts entered mine. I did not choose them, they chose me. I am so impressed at the love that your workers show to the girls. It is easy to forget that love is just as a necessity as food and shelter and warmth.


Passing on A Legacy

A ninety six year old woman from Los Angeles, California recently passed away. She left money in her will to us in memory of her daughter who “died in the Holocaust”. The daughter was only five years old when she was murdered before her mother’s eyes. The pain and suffering that this woman felt was constantly with her for over seventy years.  For a survivor there is no closure.

 The founder of Lev Lalev, the Grand Rabbi of Klausenberg, lost a wife and twelve children in the Holocaust. His response was to begin again and fill his life with Chesed (good deeds). He established a hospital and the Lev Lalev Children’s Home to help Jews in need. His legacy lives on.