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Lev LaLev Joins Hands with Bat Mitzvah Girls, Just Like YOU!

When will you be celebrating your Bat  Mitzvah? We have something special for you!

Join hands with Bat Mitzvah girls from around the globe in planning your very own Mitzvah Project to support orphaned girls in Israel!

YOU are safe, protected, nurtured, loved, cared for, supported, encouraged and provided for by your own wonderful, loving family.

YOU can support girls in Israel who are so much less fortunate than yourself! 

YOU can give them Love!

YOU can give them Light!

YOU can give them Hope! 

Here is our offer to all Bat Mitzvah girls who donate over $250 in honor of their special Bat Mitzvah milestone!

Lev LaLev provides beautifully decorated Table Centerpieces to match your party themes and colors! They are even customized to explain your wonderful charity efforts!

5" x 8" inch Table Card


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