Leave a Legacy for Jewish Orphans in Israel

Endowments and wills

Donate to the Lev LaLev Orphanage and Children’s Home by naming us in your will.

The “mechanics” are easy: The effects of the gift are everlasting. You can help rescue, rehabilitate, and reconnect young orphaned, disadvantaged, and at risk Israeli girls and give them a second chance to succeed.

Here are several ways you can leave a legacy:

  1. You can specify that a specific dollar amount  will go to Lev LaLev  (for example $5,000)
  2. You can indicate a specific percentage of your estate will go to Lev LaLev. (for instance 20% of your estate)
  3. You can name Lev LaLev as the owner/ beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
  4. You can inform of us of your future intent by signing a “Letter of Intent”. (download)

A wall of honor will display your name(s), and you will be inscribed in our Sefer HaChaim Lev LaLev: Book of Life.

For a confidential conversation about any of these programs please contact Shimon Pepper at 845 367 7130 ext. 106 or at Shp@Levlalev .com

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We thank the following estates for
their support:

Cohen Family, Brookline, Massachusetts

Tamara Braun, South Africa

Mr and Mrs. Tsi Young, Singapore

Roosevelt Family, Macon, Georgia

Celia Metzendorf, New York

Rose Richman, in memory of Sylvia - Aviva Silberman, who perished in the Holocaust

Levine Family Fund Troy, New York

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