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Exclusive Interview with Gary Nations, Sr.
and his wife Paula, of San Antonio, TX

by Inside Our Home editor, Chava Yelloz

Paula and I on a date.jpgIf there was only a 'nation' of people like Gary (Nations) and his wife Paula, and their blended family of 9 kids, we'd be living in a purely Utopian society – heaven on Earth.

Since the precarious atmosphere in Israel was strong and on-going during our phone interview, this was the first time in “Inside Our Home” history, that I was the one who was questioned by our worried and concerned supporter. I was asked, “How can the girls (and the citizens of Israel) live with fear every day? How is their daily routine affected? How do these experiences change their lives?”

Talking to the retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, who has the most engaging south-western drawl, and his wife of 7 years, was like schmoozing with old friends. The Nations family, I was told, learned of Lev LaLev, through Paula's daughter Kimberly Campbell, while she served in the Air Guard in Kuwait several years ago. Kim's noble concern for the orphaned, abandoned and neglected girls in our Home was no wonder, since both parents told us that their children were taught to give charity from a young age.

T-38 Jet Randolph AFB San Antonio, TX.jpg UH-1H.png

T-38 Air Force Jet and UH-1 Helicopter

What motivates a man who's now a civilian aerospace logistics specialist at Randolph Air Force Base, and his spouse, who was a kindergarten teacher, then school principal, and is now a full time nursing student, to be so benevolent towards our special girls in Netanya?

Gary Nations, who is a staunch follower of Middle East news, is very spiritually motivated in his support of the girls at the Home. Paula, a mother of 5 and step parent to Gary's 4 sons says “I never thought I'd have five children, but I fell in love with being a Mom.” She is very impressed with the fact that the Lev LaLev girls do not “age out” and are not in a 'holding pattern'. She adds, ““They have a place to call “home.” She tells us how important it is to sustain orphans in Israel - “who are socially and economically disadvantaged.” She continues by commenting that “...these girls have no means, no protection, and no guidance” She is so pleased to be part of helping them receive these basic human necessities.

Carrissa and Reid.jpg Campbell_children.jpg

Nations Boys, L-R,  Brandon (the youngest); Scott; Gary Jr (oldest);  James (second born) Campbell Family:  L-R,  Kelley, Nathan, Ben, Kimberley, oldest Carrissa (married not pictured)

What touches our soul at Lev LaLev, is that this extraordinary large blended family, come together in their spiritual beliefs, reaching out to our needy girls. It's not surprising, since Paula, originally an educator, and who is currently advancing herself in the field of registered nursing, taught her children to be sensitive to those who are not fortunate. The Nations/Campbell clan is close-knit, with 3 kids still living at home. Gary's 4 sons are 30, 24, 22 and 19. Paula's 5 (2 sons and 3 daughters) are 31, 29, 28, 22.  Her youngest is 17 and will be graduating high school.

Paula joyfully tells LLL of how she met Gary, a widower from Arizona, through a well known online dating site. If it wasn't for a woman in her school's office who said, “You need to date...” perhaps the union would not have taken place, she tells us with a giggle. Gary, whose hobbies include tinkering with cars in the garage, loves to read “self-help” books, especially those about relationships. “I'm open to change” he tells LLL. During his army career, he happily recalls, he had the opportunity to visit Japan and Korea. He was also stationed in Stuttgart, Germany for 4 ½ years and traveled to the Netherlands and Austria. 

Gary's aspiration is to one day visit Israel. In fact, he told us his goal, “In 10 years time, I want to live in Israel, where our forefathers came from.” Lev LaLev and the girls at the Home thank the Nations/Campbell family from the bottom of their hearts for their unwavering dedication and care. May they be blessed with good health and reap much joy from their children and grandchildren.

A little more about Gary & Paula:

Gary: During my early years in the mid 70's through '85,  I worked with this Huey UH-1 (see helicopter – inset above inset helicopter)

During my last years I worked with the Black Hawk (also pictured)

My wife has out done me yet again.  Through her daughter Carrissa and son-in-law Reid, she/I have 1 grand daughter Joyce who's 8 months old.

Through Gary, Jr., my oldest,  and his wife Candy (not pictured) we have 3 grand daughters. Youngest to oldest,  Emma 1, Brianna 3, and Tressa 5.


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