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By Chavi Lieberman-Weiss, reporting from Jerusalem/Netanya

Our experience tells us that kids don't like change. Once you promise something to a child, it's best to stick to it. But, there are always extenuating circumstances – especially a war in your country.

First of all, as we mentioned in another report, all Summer Camp plans changed.  Every year, our disadvantaged girls traveled on “tiyulim” - road trips – traversing the land of Israel, north and south, east and west. This summer, their vacation had to be near the Home, in Netanya.

orphanage israel girls jewish 103.jpgRecently, the warning sirens went off in Netanya. The shrieking sound was grating to our girls' ears.  Their faces cringed in fear. They were very scared.  They dropped whatever they were doing and had to follow their counselors and the staff. They knew the drill – and entered into a designated sealed room. They remained enclosed in that room for what seemed like 10 very long minutes.

After the sound of the sirens subsided, a social worker who specializes in trauma spoke to the girls about the situation. She was successful in calming most of the house sisters down. The social worker's visit was followed by defense personnel – teaching our girls what to do in case of an emergency.

Help our girls stay calm. Help them have some semblance of a vacation before school starts again.

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