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Exclusive live interview with Bracha Runes & Chavi Lieberman-Weiss
by “Inside Our Home” editor, Chava Yelloz

Last month, we were privileged to share the milestone of 6 of our house sisters who graduated 12th grade. The Home hosted a party where the girls received certificates of excellence in subject matter, personal qualities and their achievements. Theatrical presentations and musical skits were performed to everyone's delight and a cornucopia of fruit and assorted deserts were offered.

orphan girls israel jewish graduation2.jpgOftentimes, as life has it, joy comes with reservation and even trepidation. Although completing their high school education is a tremendous accomplishment, a few of the graduates suffered anxiety. The fact is that at this time, their futures are unsure. One girl was visiting extended family, and was afraid to travel to Netanya to celebrate, since on that day, rockets had been launched in the city she visited and she had to run for shelter with other young people.

orphan girls israel jewish graduation4.jpgOur programs director Bracha Runes addresses each of these girls' issues. She has studied the girls' profiles, has met with them individually and helped them to assess their options for next year. Currently, Bracha is coordinating funds to get our 6 graduates into various higher education courses. What Bracha thinks is amazing, is that these particular girls came from very difficult backgrounds – an orphan, girls from divorced homes, one with an incarcerated father, and one with an institutionalized mother. They also had learning disabilities that needed lots of work.  Through persistence, patience, diligent tutors and lots of love, she tells us,...”they excelled to their best ability.”

Jewish orphanage israel girls 003.jpgOne special girl, we learned about, had highly experienced and well-trained teachers working with her to keep her up to par with her classmates. Bracha said that in another children's home, no one would try so hard with a girl who was so behind.  She would not have ended up getting anywhere in the higher educational spectrum. But at the Lev LaLev Home, they made sure to help her every step of the way so that she could succeed.

orphan girls israel jewish graduation1.jpgAt the graduation party, the girls each read a thank you letter to the Home for all that they did and continue to do for them. They also showed a slideshow with the girls throughout their years at the Home. Music and dancing was also part of their festive mood.

Finally, in a contemplative voice, Bracha mentioned that although the girls were happy to graduate, and thrilled to have this commemorative party, she  couldn't help but notice how worried these girls appeared.  Not one of them has a program to attend this Fall. Career counseling would be an excellent avenue to assuage these girls' fears.

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