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Innovative Re-Planning Saves Girls' Summer

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By Chava Yelloz, with Chavi Lieberman-Weiss
reporting from Jerusalem and Netanya

There's a famous Yiddish proverb that is translated into many languages: “Mann tracht und Gott lacht”  meaning - Man plans and G-d laughs. This summer, like all others in almost a decade, Lev LaLev and its friends remembered our special girls in Netanya and made sure they'd have a fun and frolicking vacation. They'd go kayaking, horseback riding, and touring their country. Bracha Runes, our Programs Director is a planning expert. But, as we all can imagine, her great ideas and extensive itinerary could not take place.

girls orphanage israel jewish 110.jpgSince the matzav, 'situation' in Israel changed dramatically these past few weeks, the decision was not to travel far from the Home in Netanya. Instead,  all sorts of activities are being brought to the Home. It was not easy coming up with ideas that will give the girls a meaningful summer experience and at the same, keeping them close to the Home. And, for sure, it was frustrating – so much extensive planning and then having to start all over again.

Our very own Chavi Lieberman-Weiss, who visited the Home just recently tells us, “When I was at the orphanage, Bracha showed me a calendar, which was more like an 'itinerary' with all the activities that she arranged for the Summer Program. It was packed with overnight trips, day outings, and all kinds of exciting things. Now instead, everything is taking place in Netanya.”

girls orphanage israel jewish 111.jpgThe other day Bracha told Chavi they brought bumper cars, bunjee jumping and a rope park to the Home. The ropes had challenging climbing configurations and our girls had a chance to get out their pent up energy and to temporarily forget their fears. Bracha said emphatically, “The girls really had a great time!” And, not to forget, indoor activities include creative arts and crafts projects, local bowling alley outings, and even mall shopping trips for “retail therapy.”

girls orphanage israel jewish 109.jpgAdditional activities including renting special movies and showing them in a theater setting style with yummy snacks available. And, do not forget, it's Summertime and water sports are the norm. Therefore, a large pool was rented for the girls to splash and enjoy, as much as they wanted. Of course, being in such close proximity to the Mediterranean, more water play takes place, which, as you can see here, the girls enjoy immensely.

Many girls from the South have joined our Lev Lalev girls in Netanya for a SAFE SUMMER camp experience , taking them out of harm’s way during the intense rocket fire from Gaza.

 Thanks so much to all of you who helped us and continue to support our girls' much needed summer activities program.

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