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Since before the holiday of Purim, the Home has been hopping with activity. The girls work hard all year long, and when festivities begin, they jump onto the bandwagon and enjoy the ride.

Bracha Runes, the Programs Director gave us a long list of “happenings” and the counselors and staff send us hundreds of photos documenting the girls' most joyful endeavors: ice skating, Purim masquerade and Fair, clay figure creation just in time for Passover, field trips to Ganei Yehoshua park in Tel Aviv, a repeat performance magic show by long-time donor Levi Attias from Gibraltar.

The dear girls also received gifts: bracelets from an American donor, new outfits including a dress, skirts and blouses, shoes, stocking and other garments and accessories. A fancy decorated toiletry basket was also given to each girl.

Enjoy the accompanying gallery of photos, which are self-descriptive. The horseback riding, animal therapy, cooking class, arts and crafts, and bumper car races were among the girls favorite activities taking place at the Lev LaLev 10 days day-camp, prior to Passover.


1 – These bracelets are the craze in the U.S. Our girls didn't miss a beat as they donned their wristlets within minutes of receiving them!


2 – Creations in clay kept our girls nimble fingers busy for hours are they formed biblical figures depicting the Exodus from Egypt.


3 – Culinary arts is yet another interest of many of the girls.


4 – Everyone loves Hello Kitty!


5 – Horseback riding is another exciting activity the girls enjoy during school vacations.


6 – Posing with one of their beloved House Moms is a delight!


7 – Brrrrrr! It's never too cold at the rink. Bundled up and skating round and round the rink, the girls stay warm!


8 – Taking a chartered bus to Tel Aviv and going to Ganei Yehoshua Park is always a favorite!


9 – The girls are thrilled when they receive holiday clothes. They feel renewed wearing their lovely ensembles and shoes with matching accessories.


10 – Pets are known to help troubled kids (and adults, too!) keep calm, raise their trust, and help repair their painful experiences.

Purim girls.jpg

11 – Purim is by far the girls' favorite holiday – made-up, masquerading in costumes and taking part of the Home's annual carnival is one of the most exciting events of the year.


12 – Bumper car racing is exhilarating – the girls get into the spirit as soon as they're behind the wheel! Go, go, go!!!

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