March 2014 - Home Happenings

Purim Parade

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What kid doesn't like to dress up and masquerade as their favorite character? At the Home in Netanya, the girls are no different. Although their lives are just beginning to turn around for the better, they need little encouragement to don gowns, costumes, wear funny hats and get into the Purim spirit.

See the house-sisters as they were surprised by being awakened in the middle of the night by their counselors who personally designed and created Purim costumes for all the girls, with their help. As they bolted out from their beds – they fell immediately into the holiday aura.

Dressed in their new masquerade outfits, each girl anxiously joined the Home's Purim contest. Judges deemed not only originality in costume, but also - the most attractive smile, the most creative historic and popular culture figures, and a good sense of humor, too.

It was evident that the girls all wanted to succeed in something important. Everyone indeed achieved a degree of success in his/her own field of expertise and met their potential as they paraded before one another and played their parts perfectly.

Here they are – a showcase of Purim fun....






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