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Blake 1.jpgMore than three yeas ago, I had the privilege of speaking to a dynamic mother-daughter duo – Lori and Blake Rogolsky of Marlboro, N.J. At the young age of 12, Blake undertook the project of placing Lev LaLev charity boxes (pushkes) in local stores and businesses and explaining the Home's mission to as many people that would listen. She was accompanied by her Mom, who drove her all around town. Then, every couple of weeks, she'd retrieve the charity canisters and gift the Home. That was her Bat Mitzvah project – where she helped a house-sister, Miri, celebrate her rite of passage.

Today, at 15 ½, she's a sophomore at Marlboro High School, the VP of her class student council, and she's still involved in charity – Lev LaLev is her #1 choice and main thrust. She belongs to BBYO  - Bnei Brith Youth Organization – the Yad b'Yad chapter, where there are 50 members. Blake tells LLL that their meetings, once every other week, usually bring between 35 to 45 girls together at member's homes.

“At the BBYO meetings, there's a stand-up cause”, Blake explains. Since her long-lasting devotion to the Children's Home in Netanya has not waned over the years, she continues to find interesting activities and innovative ways to support the dear girls who so much look forward to receiving attention and love from their friends all over the world. And, there's nothing better than connecting with their peers, universally.

shutterstock_121270273.jpgSince rainbow rubber band bracelets are he craze both in the U.S. and Israel, the BBYO group is making wristlets for the girls as well as crocheting them scarves. They've also collected tubes of lotions and toiletries, as well.

shutterstock_172154663.jpgIn our interview with this most articulate young woman, who's surely destined to be a community person, we asked Blake what her favorite subjects are, her hobbies, and what she does in her “spare” time. In her bubbly, yet mature tone, she tells us she loves history, math and Spanish. Any hobbies, we ask? Blake's retorts by saying - “My “hobby” is “giving back” to my own local community, and beyond.” LLL can attest to her tireless dedication to the abandoned and neglected girls at the Lev LaLev Home in Netanya, where she hopes to visit in the future.

Blake's younger sister, Elexa, who's 11, is also being primed to be part of the Lev LaLev family, as she is currently preparing her Bat Mitzvah project. Their parents, Alan and Lori are more than proud of their girls – just like WE are of ours!

To be part of a Bat Mitzvah project, click here!

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