New Jersey 6th Grader Makes “Bracelet” Connection with Girls

Exclusive Q & A with “Inside Our Home” Editor, Chava Yelloz

GraymanVisit.jpegHands-on with Hannah Grayman (pictured in turquoise and navy striped shirt)

This is not the first time the Grayman family made a connection with the girls at the Lev LaLev Home in Netanya. In fact, they learned about this very special large family of 'sisters' several years ago and have maintained a relationship with them ever since. But, this is the first time they had the opportunity of visiting the Home and seeing its operation and meeting the girls face-to-face.

Here's a Question and Answer session between Lev LaLev and Mrs. Ariela Grayman, mother of 11 year old Hannah, for our readers to enjoy!

Lev LaLev: How did you learn of Lev LaLev?

Ariela Grayman: Several years ago, my older daughter, Adina, now 18, found your organization on the internet and started donating “tzedakah” on her own as her Bat Mitzvah project. After seeing photos of the girls on the LLL website, she began corresponding with them and has kept in touch over the years. 

Lev LaLev: So it seems natural that your daughter Hannah followed in her sister's footsteps. 

Ariela Grayman: Yes, it is. Hannah, who's 11, and attends Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva in Highland Park, N.J. wanted to do a project with the girls at the Lev LaLev Home. She decided to donate rubber band bracelet looms to the Home. We were traveling to visit Adina who attends seminary in Israel and to also include a visit to the Home in Netanya.

Lev LaLev: Have you ever visited the Home before?

Ariela Grayman: Although we have made many trips to Israel, this was our first visit to the Home.

Lev LaLev: How did Hannah interact with the girls?

Ariela Grayman: Hannah understands Hebrew and it seems they all communicated well. She brought about 10 or 11 looms and rubber band bracelet kits and sat down to work with the girls. They were very interested and even learned the most intricate designs quickly. After they completed bracelets, they took them apart so other girls could learn as well.

Lev LaLev: What were your feelings after seeing the Home and meeting the girls?

Ariela Grayman: We think that Lev LaLev is a wonderful organization. We hope our involvement will make a difference for these sweet girls. Hannah has continued helping the girls as her future Bat Mitzvah project. She gave out brochures to neighborhood kids and will include information on supporting them in her school newsletter.

More bout Hannah Grayman

Hannah has 5 siblings. Her favorite subject is Chumash (Bible).

She loves playing basketball and is on her school's team.

Se also takes piano lessons and loves art.

She's very interested in fashion design.

LLL and the girls at the Home want to thank Ariela and her husband Scott for encouraging their daughters in their noble endeavor of supporting our girls in Netanya who are neglected, abused and abandoned. May they reap much joy from their children and future generations.

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