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Elinor1.JPGEvery few weeks, the Home's activities director, Elinor Gabay, devises and then formulates a special program to boost the girls' self esteem, to raise their self worth, to stimulate their minds, to nourish their souls and to spark their spirituality.

“Feel the Roots” is just such a program – for high school aged girls. Since Spring is practically in the air, Elinor explains that she used the theme of roots. Teaching girls who come from difficult backgrounds that their heritage is a valuable asset is often hard for them to fathom. Many are embarrassed of their family history and try to hide it. Others are ashamed of the circumstances that led them to come to the Home and avoid any conversation of their past.

Through Elinor's activity program, these girls are taught to be proud of their ancestry – the rich legacy of their forefathers. They realize that they come from “somewhere” - this gives them strength and helps them cope with life's adversities. Their closeness to Judaism is portrayed through a game where there is a field of flowers, each stem tied to a root – each flower different but beautiful and colorful. Playing this insightful game – answering questions of material they have learned, makes them “go ahead” through the field of mazes, until they reach the winner's garden.

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