A note from our Chairman


Last month I had the privilege to visit the Home in Netanya.

Thank G-d our “veteran girls” are doing well, each progressing at her own pace.  I met two of the new girls who arrived at the home recently. Both of them are seven years old and came to us from a children’s shelter in Tel Aviv. While each of them was too shy to speak with me, we are -now receiving reports that they are acclimating to their new environment. Hopefully, with time, they will do well too.

I reviewed the needs of the Home itself. Soon- on our website-we will be posting a menu of projects which need funding. One of them is to provide books and computers for our new library area to help motivate our girls and to give them the tools to succeed in school. We hope to buy 12 new computers and purchase books for the library. Studies show that when a home has a robust library, there is an atmosphere of learning and knowledge in the house.  

index.jpgOne of the highlights of my trip was to meet with one of our Lev Lalev Gradates. She is today the head intensive care nurse in Laniado Hospital; she spent her teenage years at the Home and with our help was able to attend nursing school. Today she has a master’s degree in Nursing and a very important position in the Hospital. She said to me, that because we saved her life, she is able to save the lives of others.

Dear Lev Lalev family: our continued success depends on you. Thank you!

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