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shutterstock_42694738.jpgElinor Gabay, the Homes Activities Director always comes up with the most innovative ways to motivate the girls to learn and grow emotionally and spiritually. This season she developed yet another clever and challenging contest to bring the girls to a higher level of cultivating their minds and enriching their souls.

GirlsStudy.JPGAnyone visiting the girls at the Home on a Shabbat afternoon will find them relaxing on couches and lounge chairs, seated in circles – in groups of all ages, studying the weekly Torah portion. Wow..very impressive, is the first thought you'd have. And, rightfully so. But, knowing kids, there needs to be something waiting for them  besides this quest for knowledge. At the onset of Elinor's thrust to engage the girls in this Torah contest, the goal was to interest them in each week's portion by offering prizes to the first, second and third place winners. Actually, every participant is a winner.

shutterstock_79865092.jpgGifts includes necklaces, bracelets, small prayerbooks, and toiletry baskets.

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