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Exclusive interview with Bracha Runes, Programs Director
by Chava Yelloz, editor, Inside Our Home 

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It's hard to believe that only 3 months ago, I stood with Bracha Runes in a construction zone filled with piles of tiles, tubes of grout, newly whitewashed walls, still exposed electric wires and plenty of chalky dust. Brushing myself off after the visit, I wondered how long would it be until these 10 new rooms could be functional. Bracha assured me it would not take long before each area would be enjoyed by the girls who so much need this space.

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And lo and behold, less than 90 days later, for the most part, the construction site is totally completed.
Tiles are in place, walls are painted, switch plates are operating – lights on, now ACTION!

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The Rubin-Zeffren Children's Home is proud to share with you, our dear donors, the designer's model for activity/play rooms,
a card catalogued library, a computer lab, a music room, an aerobics facility, gym room, and boxing-bag room – a total of 9 new areas.
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We will keep our friends posted with opportunities available for dedication of these state-of-the -art rooms that will enhance the ives of our dear girls through physical activities, music/arts and culture, reading and computer science.

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