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The Lev LaLev Family is overjoyed to announce the celebrations and life cycle events that occur in our extended community at the Home in Israel and in our U.S. Headquarters.

This month we are privileged to announce and share with you, three wonderful simchas – happy occasions.

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A few weeks ago, our Monsey, New York Office Manager became engaged. Chavi Lieberman is now a Kallah – and her Chosson is Zurach Weiss. They both hail from Monsey, New York. Their wedding is planned for mid-March in Monsey. To say that we are thrilled is an understatement.

Mazal Tov to
Chavi and Zurach!

  Three weeks ago, our Home's elementary education director, Ruthy Ben Chaim gave birth to a baby boy. He was named Avraham. We wish the Ben Chaims much nachas – pleasure and joy, from this new addition.  

And, we also want to congratulate Ruthy Ben Chaim on the upcoming marriage of her son Aharon. May Ruthy and her family reap much happiness from their children and the future generations to come.


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