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Graduation ceremonies have been celebrated ~ diplomas have been granted, certificates of excellence issued and report cards received. Now it’s time for the girls to reap the joy of a long deserved respite.

Lev LaLev’s Summer Day Camp is happening NOW, as you read! And, the best word to describe the activities and fun day trips, plus the educational experiences is, “WOW!”

Bracha Runes, our Programs Director, shared her fun-filled summer camp schedule with us (see inset below). So, for those who don’t read Hebrew, here’s a translation and elaboration on what our girls will be doing and where they will be going in the weeks to come.


Please take note, that whether it’s during the school year or summer vacation, the Home follows a set pattern of structure for the girls. Before the good times roll, every morning the house sisters gather in the recreation room for prayers. 


Here’s a listing of activities, classes and trips that are just awesome:

  • Baking at its Best
  • Jewelry Art Design
  • Custom Candle Making
  • Carpentry Class
  • Movie followed by “Create your own Amazing Ice Cream”
  • Bowling Bash
  • Oil Painting Lessons – Hands On
  • Competitive Balloon Games – yes, with water!
  • Student/Staff Art Auction
  • Catered Dinner – A Special Treat
  • Artist Sari Katz – lecture and demo
  • “White Bear” (Ha Dov HaLavan) Theme Park – near Hadera
  • “Puddle Park” for the day
  • Arts & Crafts “Surprise” Activity
  • Trip to Tiberias – Visits to Gravesites of Sages
  • Elite Chocolate Factory Tour
  • Elitzur Basketball Game
  • Luna Theme Park Extravaganza

Even at a quick glance, one can imagine how much effort and planning it takes to coordinate this incredible collection of summer-fun. Many of the precious girls at the Home have never experienced the joy of entering a theme park, seeing a basketball game, or rolling a bowling ball down an alley. Their lives were so filled with suffering and strife that they could only dream of such amusement and lighthearted pleasures.

Thanks to YOU, our dear friends and donors, Lev LaLev can attempt to give these special girls positive childhood experiences that they will remember throughout their lives.

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