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Marriage is on the calendar for our dear Malky G. You’ve seen and read about her in previous issues, and many of you have supported her during her years of residence at the Home.


Coming from a broken family, socially orphaned, Malky and her charming smile, helpfulness, and positive attitude got her through the rough hurdles of early childhood and adolescence.  Her original feelings of rejection and abandonment turned into emotional acceptance in the warm enveloping atmosphere of the Home. She has been a continuous source of comfort to many new housemates as they integrated into the Home’s extended family of sisters. Malky’s ‘take charge’ personality has endeared her to all the girls she’s shared a life with for almost a decade.

Now it’s Malky’s turn to receive the help she needs to move on into a future of happiness – to lead a normal and healthy life. So, as she prepares to stand under the chuppah in August with her future bridegroom, Lev LaLev’s job is not yet done. In our ongoing mission to raise our girls to be productive citizens in Israeli society, we do our utmost to provide them with higher education. We make sure they have a profession/trade, so they can live proudly and raise a family with dignity.


In this vein, Malky is still attending a culinary trade school where she majors in catering food prep/design. She has supervised and decorated many of our “In-House” events and presentations with great acclaim. She has enhanced the mood at birthday parties, holiday plays, and when the Home hosted visitors from all over the world. And, Malky is also receiving psychological help so she can transition from being a housemate at the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home, to being “the woman of the house” in her very own new apartment when she gets married.

All of us at Lev LaLev, Bracha Runes, our Programs Director in Netanya, and Malky, are so thankful for all your help in the past – for bringing up up this young woman who is still being prepared for her future.  We’re almost there – on the ‘home stretch’ to that BIG DAY.

We are all so excited for Malky and her husband-to-be ~ and know we can still count on your help until she takes the steps towards walking down the aisle. Like good parents, her future is still “in our hands!”

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