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Pre-Passover was a sweet time for our dear girls, who attended a fun and exciting day camp experience that had something for everyone.

One of the camp days included a few precious hours for the girls of shopping around, getting a feel of the consumer world around them, budgeting their allowance, making a purchase within their range, and then enjoying lunch or a snack at Ikea’s kosher on-site cafeteria.

The Home’s activities director, Elinor Gabay, chaperoned the girls around the store, where they loved every moment of their ‘retail therapy’ experience – typical of any girl in the world!

Here are some wonderful candid moments spent at Ikea in Netanya.


They almost look like they’re real!



I’m learning decorating ideas for my future!



We’re Growing Up as Fast as Plants!



Lunch at IKEA with Elinor



We’re not going to stop shopping until we drop!



Everyone needs one of these – they’re so cuddly & soft!



Sitting on top of the heap!



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