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It’s always thrilling to report happy occasions from the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home. This month we have the pleasure to share two wonderfully joyous events and we know that as friends, you will be as excited as we are.

Malkie G.’s Engagement

DSC_1752.jpgLiving in the Home for virtually a decade, Malkie G. has made great strides in so many ways. She is a responsible young woman who has always made new girls feel at home from their first days. She is organized, sharp and witty, and just knows what to say and do at the right time.

Malkie, who was introduced to a fine young man by Sassia, a member of our staff, has recently become engaged and will be marrying before this Rosh Ha Shanna 5774. She has been studying the art of fancy food decoration and catering design at a specialty school. She is also very adept at pastry art and can often be found setting up at our own girls’ birthdays and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. Her husband-to-be works in the field of electronics.

We all wish Malkie and her groom Mazel Tov for a long and happy life together. Although we will miss her feisty spirit, we know she is mature, ready and well prepared for this major milestone in life. We look forward to her visits and we’re sure she will come to say “Hello” to her housemates and the staff and administration in the future.

It’s a Girl!!!

shutterstock_63691420.jpgYocheved Weitzman, the Home’s Housemother, gave birth to a baby girl during the Passover holiday. She is currently on maternity leave for three months. Our girls are fortunate to have the Home’s director of Activities, Elinor Gabay, who lives closely, to be ‘on duty’ every Shabbat during Yocheved’s time off. Elinor and her husband and two young children are beloved by the girls who are so glad to see her an extra day each week.

We wish Yocheved and her family Mazel Tov on her new addition and convey our greetings for her and her newborn’s good health.

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