A few years ago, the founder of a school that trains law enforcement agencies how to combat terrorism read about Lev LaLev on an online news site. He was so moved by the plight of the girls at the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home in Netanya that he began to donate funds to benefit the needy and forlorn orphaned girls who live in the country of his birth, Israel.

Besides helping our girls in Netanya, Doron Benbenisty, 44, who operates and is the CEO of CRI - Counter Terrorism Training School, Inc., based in Las Vegas, Nevada, also supports two Latin American orphans. With his charming Israeli accent, he tells LLL that he feels connected “big time” to helping orphans (and widows) as noted in the scriptures.

DoronB2.jpgDoron, who is the quintessential image of someone who served in the Israeli Air Force Special Forces Division and whose rank was Sergeant Major, trains all levels of law enforcement agency personnel including special forces in the U.S. Military, SWAT teams, police officers, undercover agents, employees of various branches of government including the intelligence community as well as civilians.

DORON1.jpegA U.S. resident for 13 years, Doron is the father of two daughters, Adirel, 5 and the newborn Helena. Talking to this soft-spoken but confident gentleman, one would not fathom his profession. He teaches seminars on how to survive an active shooter massacre, home invasions, and other disasters that have unfortunately befallen our nation. He has created modules that reach out and teach everyday people how to defend themselves against such heinous crimes that are prevalent in national and world news.

Doron Benbenisty shares with LLL some survival skill information that he has been hired to train personnel that include many of the Fortune 500 companies in this country. He coaches people on how to hide, how to run, and how to fight.

CRI-Action.jpgIn his seminars, people learn solutions to various types of vulnerabilities in criminal attacks including armed robberies in stores, parking lots or garages around owner and employee vehicles, and home invasions. Doron offers unique knowledge on how to deter criminals by first detecting them, and then deceiving them, and finally how to respond to them.

DoronB.jpgDoron Benbenisty‘s background in counter terrorism began with his service in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He then entered the Israeli Special Forces and was deployed in a division that infiltrates enemy territories in order to gather intelligence and eliminate security risks. During his stint, he became a Counter Terrorism Instructor and successfully created and implemented an entirely new type of program: Israel’s first Counter Suicide Bomber Program. This program was adopted by all branches of the IDF, has greatly reduced fatalities, and is still in use today.

For 13 years now, Doron uses his expertise in counter terrorism, transportation security-public, private, ground, aviation, and locomotive, self-defense, executive protection, and personal security, whereby creating CRI and its vocational programs. He authored numerous articles in varied publications as well as his own company’s tactical magazine and a number of books covering a myriad of violence prevention topics.

Since Doron is an expert in counter terrorism, he has been interviewed on many TV/radio shows including NPR, CBS, FOX and ABC as well as the Las Vegas Review Journal. G4 TV has called upon Doron to demonstrate his expertise in personal protection, counter terrorism, and weapons safety in a series of eleven segments.

image2.jpegMore about Doron Benbenisty:

He attended elementary school and the Gymnasia high school  in Rishon L’Zion, then was accepted to the Air Force Boarding School in Haifa, where he achieved the status of ‘top of the class.’ Doron also studied psychotherapy.

When Doron was in his early 20s, he implemented a pet rescue operation for dogs and cats. By the time he reached 30, he volunteered for WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organization) in Holon, Israel, facilitating a support group for terminally ill patients, widows/widowers, parents of “at risk” teens with addiction issues, and holocaust survivors. Over his three years of volunteering, this group he counseled fluctuated from between 20 to 40 participants.  His talks were on “How to Bring Happiness into Your Life” – helping people who have no hope believe in themselves and miracles. Eventually, Doron was cajoled to speaking about body language, channeling information, “vibrating energy”.

Attributing his success to his good parents, fine instructors, and dedicated people in his life, Doron says he never took any of his G-d given gifts for granted. His familial heritage dates back to Morocco (Marrakech) on his father’s side, and Tunisia on his mother’s.

Current project:

Besides finding solutions to impossible problems, Doron says that he is plagued by the unemployment situation. He believes that vocational schools are the answer and has filed for a license, with approval of the Veterans’ Administration and the G.I. Bill, to open vocational schools in Nevada.

Lev LaLev is thankful to Doron for his unwavering support and wishes him continued success in all his lofty endeavors. May he go from strength to strength in his remarkable life saving efforts.

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