February 2013- Home Happenings 3

Witnessing a Winter Wedding Celebrated with Warmth: Our Esther Gets Married


One of the greatest joys each of us from the LevLaLev Team can derive, is to see one of our dear and precious girls stand under the wedding canopy - the chuppah, together with her intended one, about to emark on a new and wonderful life together.

On the eve of January 20th, Esther was married, and our Chavi was there beside her. She shares her ‘nachas’ – her pride aand joy, with us:

Chava Yelloz: Where did Esthers wedding take place?

Chavi Lieberman: The wedding was at  “Ermunat Chein” – a hall in Bnei Berak. The building has lots of ballrooms.  It took me a while to find the right wedding, since there were a few weddings going on at the same time.

Israel January Wedding 047.jpgCY: How did you and the girls from the Home participate in the wedding celebration?

CL: The older girls  were in attendance. It was nice also because most of them knew me and were very excited to see me. They said,  “Chavi from Lev LaLev”! We all blew up balloons, and put them on  sticks for “shtick”  for the kallah to pop. They were all dancing, and very excited.

Also, Bracha Runes, the Programs Director and Gitti Schmerler, the Educational Director attended Ester’s wedding along with some of the counselors.

CY: Describe the bride's gown.

CL: Gorgeous, simply elegant. Beaded with some lace. She looked stunning.

CY: How was the music?

CL: There was a live band – the music was spirited and the dancing was most energetic. 

CY: So, what about the food?

Israel January Wedding 128.jpgCL: There was a mini – smorgasbord. The main dish was grilled chicken and potatoes.

CY: How was the atmosphere?

CL: It was very very leibedig ~ lively. There was genuine happiness.

Everyone was happy for the kallah and her groom.

CY: What about the reception, prior to the chuppah?

CL: It was very emotional. There wasn’t a dry eye.

CY: What was it like when Esther prayed for future brides?

CL: Right before the chuppah, she took a list of names and said tehillim (psalms)  and had everyone in mind. It was very moving.

Israel January Wedding 148.jpgCY: Did she also bless her housemates?

CL: Yes, I heard her blessing her friends from the Home, that they too, should find the right one soon.

CY: How did YOU  feel being at this wedding?

CL: I was there to represent the Lev LaLev family, therefor I felt like an in-law (machateinesta). I got to see how much we meant to the Kallah, and how she appreciated everyone who helped her. Throughout the wedding she did not stop thanking me, and telling me to let everyone know how much they did for her. This was the most emotional wedding that I ever attended.

CY:Did you get to know Esther a bit before he wedding?

CL: Yes, I was one of the first ones to arrive at the hall. That gave me a chance to watch her taking pictures, and to be in the pics, too. I schmoozed with her, gave her a bracha. I told her that she looks gorgeous and her life should always be this gorgeous.

CY: Tell us about the choson – the groom?

Israel January Wedding 092.jpgCL: He is lively, looks like a really caring, kind person, mature…

CY: Where will the newlyweds reside?

CL: In a small apartment in Jerusalem

CY: Anything else you want to share?

CL: When I was on the bus going back to Jerusalem after the wedding,(the bus stop is a few blocks away from the hall) and just as the bus was leaving the stop, there was a bang on the window….I got scared, you know with the stories there and everything….I looked out the window, and I saw that it was the girls from the Home, banging on the window, screaming “SHALOM, CHAVI!!!!” They had come to escort me...

We all wish Esther and her new husband a long and happy life together, in good health, and with great joy. May we always share beautiful news with you, our dear donors. Because of you, a future has changed, a second chance was given.

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