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rw 386.jpgOur talented girls gave a pre-Chanukah performance on Tuesday evening, December 4th at the Kiryat Sanz Auditorium, a short walk from the Children’s Home. More than 200 ladies filled the hall to watch a most professional production including choreographed dances, a choir singing, featuring solos and duets, and a dramatic original play coached by our activities director, Elinor Gabay.

This year, the theme of the annual Chanukah presentation was “Inner Beauty”. Our precious girls have been learning about modesty, not only in dress, but in behavior and language as well. To make these life lessons come to life, they took part in a production that depicted all that they have learned.

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Songs that were selected for this Chanukah program included “Yevanim Nigbetzu Alai” – the lyrics speak of the Greeks who wanted to influence the Jews and change their ways – what is referred to as Hellenization. But, as the song describes, regardless of the pressure or the consequences, the Jews continued in their special modest ways and refused to become part of the immodest Greek culture.

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The short play, “The Test of Modesty”, is based on a true story about the head mistress of a girls’ school in Israel, who was originally from Paris, France. In her teen years, she stayed with a modern family who took her on a summer vacation. It was this girl’s habit to wear thick stockings. Being that it was so hot, the family suggested that she should wear thinner stockings – but she refused. During the trip, a dangerous snake was spotted. The snake spared the young woman with the thick socks. What could have been a life-threatening event did not take place, thank G-d. 

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Our talented actresses received a great round of applause and took their bows graciously as the audience showed their appreciation for a performance well done.

The choreographed dancing and choral singing preceded and concluded the performance, where professional audio and visual equipment was used. Our ‘actresses’ were costumed and groomed by their peers who are as talented as any Hollywood make-up artist, hairdresser, and stage dresser.

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During intermission, the ‘theater goers’ were treated to a dessert buffet that was made with loving care and with a most professional flair by our girls who are enrolled in an artistic patisserie-baking program that includes décor and design.

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At the end of the Chanukah production, Gitti Shmerler, the Home’s educational director, presented commendations to the girls who excelled in the points program contest and gave them coupons to redeem their gifts ranging from theme park tickets to a pizza dinner out.

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The evening’s long time devoted sponsor, Mrs. Eiseman, hand delivered “Hello Kitty” tote bags for each and every girl. To our girls’ delight, the bags were not empty, but filled with assorted toiletries, travel games and books.

Through your support, the Lev LaLev Fund can continue to offer our girls all the necessities that they have missed in their young years and afford them active involvement in music, the arts, and other cultural programs available at the Home. These activities have remarkable therapeutic value – changing the girls’ lives forever.

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