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shutterstock_79104379.jpgAfter the girls at the Rubin Zeffren Children’s Home experienced the highs of the recent holiday season the celebratory joy of new beginnings, wearing their crisp and pretty new outfits and shoes, perhaps tasting the sweetness of honey for the first time in many of their lives – now they must face the realities of the school year, and serious responsibilities.

And, at the Home, our staff and administration must face many other realities that require the help of our dear friends and donors. Whom else can we turn to when these dear girls have needs that are just so overwhelming?

Here are some of the main immediate needs that the girls have, and that Lev LaLev is committed to fulfill, with your generous support.

  • shutterstock_28617334.jpgOne of our girls needs braces desperately. She wants to be like the other girls but is too embarrassed to expose her teeth. We need $3,000 to help make her smile with confidence.
  • 10 of our older girls need to be settled in seminaries all over Israel. shutterstock_58704970.jpgEach girl’s tuition is 1,500 shekel a month. These young ladies come back to the Home to spend Shabbat and off-days with us. We are involved in their progress and their future until they find their “Bashert” – their soul mate.
  • shutterstock_98634890.jpgChilly weather has already begun in Netanya. It’s time to wear warm wintery pajamas and gowns. Each of our girls needs new nightclothes.
  • There are 47 girls who are in need of therapy beyond the scope of a regular social worker. Professional mental health care will cost about $5,000.00 a month to help these girls.


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