Herb was once an accountant

sought after and very good

the world would be his

if worked like he should


Was in control back then

a king of the city

looked down upon little people

and showed them no pity


He glided along so easy

riding in trains and cars

protected from the ground below

thought could touch the stars


But the time passed by

and days grew into years

young worked harder and faster

and confidence turned to fear


Forgot what it was like

to look up to sky

walked with bottles in pocket

and without joy he cried


Now is like the others

staring eyes with no soul

all twisted and wrong inside

after pursuing a worthless goal


Did not connect things together

things not what they seem

choices built on yesterday's rain

will wash away like dream


Herb forgot to have faith

and to make things right

lost rock in rushing water

following voices in the night

About the Author:

[object Object]Dr. Harry Hamburger is a neuro-ophthalmologist, who also has a Masters degree and certification as a Family and Medical mediator. He is called upon to do ethical consults at local hospitals in the greater Miami, Florida area where he lives.

Married to Claudia, the Hamburgers have two boys - Jordan 15, and Joshua 9.  Part of Jordan’s bar mitzvah celebration consisted of visiting Israel, where he read part of his Torah portion on top of Masada.  Joshua is a very spiritual young boy who lecturers his Dad daily on proper behavior.

After visiting Israel twice, Dr. Hamburger says, “I feel like it is my real home, and that I am living in exile in Miami.  I hope one day to have a home in Israel.” The doctor is a serious student of both Chabad and Breslov Chasidism, and supports both. Dr. Hamburger is also a long time benefactor of the Lev LaLev Fund.


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