I usually never generalize or come to conclusions, but over the past few years, I’ve interviewed several daughters and mothers who have worked hand-in-hand to help the girls at the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home, and have discovered that they are all Dynamic Duos!

2011 Parties (8).JPGIt’s always a pleasure talking to a Bat Mitzvah girl, who is only 12 years old, but has the sensibility and resolve, the drive and the purpose, to do good for those who are less privileged, and without any pomp – just matter-of-factly.

Speaking with Remy Wynston of Hillsborough, New Jersey, and her mother Rhonda, reconfirmed my observations and assessment of daughters and mothers, and the great role modeling that makes a young woman who she is, from an early age: a young and benevolent friend and donor to our precious girls.

Three months before her July 1st Bat Mitzvah, when services took place at the Birnbaum Community Center in Bridgewater, NJ, Remy began to advertise her collection efforts for the Children’s Home – a school supply drive.

She produced a flier and hung it in her school, Hillsborough Middle, where she will soon enter the 8th grade. She also put up fliers at the Chabad Center of Somerset, NJ where she learns to read Hebrew and all about mitzvot. As a matter of fact, her Rabbi’s wife, Mrs. Miriam Krinsky was the one who found Lev LaLev online and suggested that Remy look into us as part of her mitzvah project. When Remy went online to do her own research, the Home and our dear girls popped up first in her searches.

Remy's Bat Mitzvah project flyer_Muni (3).jpgAfter several communications with our very own Sheena Levi, Remy made her decision to put up a collection for the girls. Rhonda helped to decorate colorful boxes where Remy’s classmates, fellow students, teachers, and l other locals could drop in items like pens, paper, pads, scissors, glue, highlighters, folders and even miniature back packs.

box.JPGRemy also set up two other collections depots at Chabad and at the town’s Municipal Building – where she obtained special permission to do so from the town clerk. She tells LLL that every three weeks or so, she went to collect the donations from the three boxes. Her flier explaining the nature of the charity was proudly displayed right next to each box. Remy also sent out notices to her friends and family electronically.

Our Bat Mitzvah girl is no stranger to collecting for good causes. An almost 8-year-veteran of the Girl Scouts, Remy has involved herself in her local town’s food pantry collection. Rhonda tells LLL that when she takes her kids food shopping, she gives them a budget and tells them to buy non-perishable food products to donate to the pantry. For example, sometimes Remy and her step-sister Emilia do a breakfast theme. They speed around the supermarket aisles, gathering popular cereals, and in winter, instant hot oatmeal mix. Rhonda Wynston-Kraft further explained to us that the food pantry is a drop off center where community people in need stop by to pick up the items. Some day in the future, Remy would also like to volunteer at the center and be a larger part of the process of disseminating the goods to the public.

Holidays 2010 (1).JPGMore about Remy Wynston:

Her favorite subjects: Art, Home Economics, and French (her 4th year)

Her hobbies: Baking from scratch – recent accomplishments – a chocolate cake for her Bubbie’s birthday, brownies that she’s not so keen on, but loves to bake for those that enjoy. Cooking: Steaks, fish, pasta, and sushi – yes, from scratch!

Shopping – she loves shoes and designing outfits and collecting Mix’n’Match separates.

Remy enjoys playing online computer games and singing.

One of her favorite groups is Grammy award winning “Evanescence” – a very unique gothic style musical group.

Me mom and Landen.jpgRemy’s siblings include her brother Landen 9, and her step-siblings, brother Jayden 12 and sister Emilia 14. She says that their family is well bonded, and she likes having an older sister, who often helps style her hair. “It’s fun,” she adds.

Quotable Quotes: RW to LLL: “I like studying French because I don’t only learn the language, but the culture – like the games they play, the food they eat, the holidays they celebrate, the way they act and speak – the difference of the culture.”

Helping people: Remy genuinely enjoys helping people – it used to be those who were around her, in close proximity, but today, she has the honor to assist those who live far away – in Israel. She says, “It feels good to do something for someone without a family. When I saw the girl’s photos online, I wanted to help them.”

Remy also told LLL that she imagines …”In a way what the girls at the Home have between themselves is like a family – it’s like an all girl’s boarding school.”

311.JPGMore Quotes: Rhonda W-K to LLL: “I’m incredibly proud that Remy is thinking broadly, not only helping people on a local level (the community food pantry) but also thinking about the disadvantaged girls in Israel.”

Remy’s personal philosophy: When asked if she had a lot of friends at her Bat Mitzvah party, held at the Neshanic Valley Golf Course in Neshanic Station, NJ, Remy replied, “No, I don’t have a lot friends, just very close friends”. This line does speaks volumes in of itself (editor’s opinion, of course.)

Remy recently packed up all the collected school supplies and sent a 35 lb. box off to our girls in Israel, just in time for Back-to-School. And, not to forget two more very important great points; Remy’s favorite color is lavender, and shades of purple and she just loves chocolate (like this writer.) When two ‘girls’ have these traits in common, the results are excellent bonding and an awesome interview.

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