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DSC04818.JPGNo matter how neat and organized a household is and regardless of a child’s perfect parental model, let’s face it, kids do mess up. Sheina Goldman, a 10 ½ year old bubbly young lady, who just completed 5th grade admits, with a healthy chuckle, that her room was messy, well, cluttered, for sure - but would not confess that it was chaotic.


It’s not that Sheina did not straighten up her room once in a while, she says, in all honesty, “I tried to do my best.” What was her best method of cleanup, Lev LaLev inquired? “Well I sort of threw everything in the closet, but then eventually, I had to take everything out and organize it.” Sheina adds that she was able to locate her things when it was a mess – since it was her personal mess. But, then her day of reckoning finally came. Her parents made her do a bit of research online to find out the value of all the articles she had strewn about on her room’s floor and desk.

Sheina, who’s going on 11, just completed the fifth grade at the Bay Laurel School in Calabasas, a suburb of Los Angeles. This fall she will begin 6th grade at the A.C. Stelle Middle School. She is the younger sister of 14-year-old Mara, who’s room can also get messy – but who’s comparing?


Sheina’s room – obviously, this is the after photo – sorry, no ‘before’ shot available (wonder why)

So, what was in such disarray on Sheina’s floor, desk, chair and any other available surface in her bedroom? Sheina was given an assignment by her parents ~ make a list, and research the value of all the stuff scattered about.

Sheina explained that she collected items from her floor like 2 pairs of designer brand jeans, one of which was a pair of 7 For All Mankind – costing about $160 on sale. Her floor also decorated with pajamas, shoes and more items that she does not wish to elaborate on. And then there was the disorder all over her desk – pens, erasers, papers, clips – “anything you can think of…” Sheina sighs.

The next step of Sheina’s homework was to calculate the full worth of everything she had sprinkled around her room. Please see the letter she wrote to Lev LaLev displayed here.

Read Sheina’s e-mail to Lev LaLev- Click HERE 

Sheina’s three-pronged assignment was now coming full circle. All she needed to do was find a worthy charity and to donate a percentage of her allowance. This was not a punishment at all, it was just a lesson in awareness. Giving tzedakah was a show of gratitude, Sheina tells us, for all that she has. She continued by saying, “I wanted to donate money to Jewish girls who would really appreciate having things like I do.”

Turks & Caicos (1497).JPG
The Rosenbluth Family Foundation vacationing at Turks & Caicos Islands.

Rosh Hashanah 2011 Final.jpgMatthew Rosenbluth, a member of the board of the Rosenbluth Family Foundation, who married Sheina’s mother, Dr. Sophie Shirin just two weeks ago, is already a proud Lev LaLev supporter, who recommended the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home as a good candidate for Sheina’s charitable endeavor.

Our featured young philanthropist will spend 3 weeks in day camp this summer where she will enjoy summer activities, especially socializing.  Sheina says, “I have fun spending time just talking with my friends.”

More About Sheina:

She takes weekly piano and guitar lessons from the same teacher. She tells LLL that she receives instruction on each instrument for 20 minutes and that she practices daily. She loves to play popular music. She has been playing the piano for the past 5 years and is studying guitar for 2 years.

She favors language arts and likes composition writing on assigned topics.

Her favorite color: “sort of a bright green.”

Lev La Lev applauds Sheina Goldman and her extended family for directing Sheina to help the precious girls at the Rubin-Zeffren Home.


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