shutterstock_46507384.jpgGirls Learn About Graphology

 Last week, our girls were privileged to have their handwriting analyzed by a renowned graphology expert who spent from 5 PM until 12:00 AM deciphering each and every girl’s special character, qualities, nuances, and problematic  areas. The graphologist explained their valuable traits and gently imparted his knowledge of their disturbing characteristics as well.

A brief overview on Graphology

Graphology is the study of how an individual's handwriting indicates their character attributes. This is based on the psychological concept of 'deviance'. The way we learn to write in school is standard. Every teacher in school teaches their students to write cursive in a uniform way. However, we choose to 'deviate' or to do things differently then the teacher taught us. That is why every single person's individual handwriting reflects what is unique about them. For example if  a teacher taught you to write the letter 'l' as a straight up loop, and you deviated and began writing the 'l' with a back slant, this, in combination with other factors, will be found in lazy people 99% of the time.

shutterstock_63405031.jpgGraphology and Handwriting

Handwriting, like fingerprints,  is unique. Fingerprints identify an individual’s physical body. Handwriting reveals their whole personality - their mind, heart and soul. Graphology is the study and handwriting analysis to reveal personality traits. It is an art and a science, a branch of psychological studies.

The girls learned that when they a write, it is their hand that does the writing, but their brain that does the dictating. There have been many cases of amputees who, having lost the hand or arm with which they wrote, relearned the art with either the other hand, or the feet, or the mouth. Aside from a certain understandable shakiness caused by the difficulties of the feat, the writings were extremely similar to the originals.

Trained graphologists have no trouble recognizing the same individual. From this, we see that it is the personality that is expressed on paper by the handwriting. When a person writes in a given fashion, it represents a particular personality trait, which comes directly from the brain. As a child you were taught to write. Why don't you continue to write the way you were taught? The fact that you don't is the reason graphology exists....

For example, when someone starts to write a letter, she must immediately decide where and how he should form it. In school, we were taught to start with a soft-curving loop and end the same way. As the writer matures, he usually drops them, different from what he was taught in school, because it does not facilitate the writing process. Hence, retaining them can reflect some immaturity.

Excitement in the Air

Bracha Runes, the Home’s Programs Director, explained how excited the girls were when the graphologist arrived. They are so geared for self improvement, she tells us, that they want to learn more about themselves so that they can repair their personalities and focus on what they excel in.


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