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One of the best ways to lift spirits is with color and self-expression. Just in time for Passover, our girls used their talents and imagination to create a whimsical nature and Mediterranean seascape to adorn the former dull outside walls of the Home facing their beautiful playground.

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What do we know about murals?

mural5.jpgMurals of sorts date to prehistoric times such as the paintings on the Caves of Lascaux in southern France. But the term became famous with the Mexican "muralista" art movement of artists like Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros, or José Orozco. There are many mural painting techniques ~ the best-known is probably the fresco style, which uses water soluble paints with a damp lime wash. Murals are often painted in sections, although they are all part of a whole large picture.  Usually the colors lighten when dried.

mural3.jpgToday, murals are painted in many ways, using oil or water based media. The styles can vary. In our Home’s case, the girls used a wide variety of color spray paint cans and worked in a whimsical and abstract fashion. Activities director, Elinor Gabbay supervised this major undertaking and used renderings of the girls drawings for style ideas.

Since Netanya is a seaside community with natural vistas - the sea, sand dunes, the shoreline, blue skies with wandering clouds and verdant palm trees – the girls didn’t have to go far to get their inspiration.

mural8-GotPaint.jpgA dozen or so of our dear girls volunteered to paint the back walls of the Home that face their playground. These walls formerly offered a very dull and dreary backdrop to their physical fun and frolic area - their play yard. It was time to make the change. Instead of the usual walls with their stains of age and weather, today, capricious images of yellow butterflies, red and black ladybugs, an assortment of colorful flowers and wind-blown palm trees decorate these once-dingy walls.

Why was it so important to paint the mural?

Murals are significant in that they bring art into the public sphere. For these young artists, their work gets a wide audience – all the girls at the Home. This lovely effect adds much value and visual pleasure to the girl’s daily lives.

Kol HaKavod to our aspiring artists! You all did a great job!


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