shutterstock_72010645.jpgDoesn’t it seem that almost everyone you know is or has been on a diet? Well, most probably they have watched their weight at some time and many have achieved their goal. For sure, a balanced diet along with exercise is not only good for one’s health, but the results also are a boon to one’s image.

shutterstock_93949477.jpgThe Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home’s Programs Director, Bracha Runes told Lev LaLev that 10 girls at the Home have begun a well planned eating regimen that includes a point system, diet charts, a lecture program, and weigh-ins. Bracha is so enthusiastic about this system since she sees the girls’ improvements first hand. A dietician comes into the Home and explains to the girls, according to their age and school level, the health aspects of proper nutrition, body image and appearance and offers them spiritual inspiration.

The 10 girls are divided into two age appropriate groups. They discuss their weaknesses for certain foods and their strengths in learning to substitute vegetable or fruit snacks for their former unacceptable habits of between meal munches. Weigh-Ins are very effective for the girls who feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment, especially when they see results  - going down a size or two!!

shutterstock_81589672.jpgCreating a balanced menu of proteins, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, and sticking to specially baked whole wheat rolls is not only necessary for the 10 girls who are participating in this special program, but it will become a healthy learning experience for all of them. Their greatest reward is to see themselves change before their very eyes – slowly but surely and to feel better as they exercise, run, swim, and climb the Home’s stairs. 

The Home’s daytime and evening counselors tell us that they are noticing that as the girls lose weight, their self esteem is boosted  - they are proud of their change of their appearance, seeing themselves more attractive. They also observed that all these components heighten the girls’ general morale.

shutterstock_86158672.jpgLev LaLev learned that one of the girls, who did not imagine seeing herself dropping even one size - from an extra large to a large, was thrilled that her efforts were rewarded. She recently went shopping with one of the Home’s counselors who helped her pick out two new skirts and matching tops! She smiled from ear to ear as she wore one of her new and smaller uniforms to school the next morning!

Special diets, nutrition counseling/lectures, are necessary for these girls who need to lose weight. They can be transformed from an insecure and overweight girl into a healthy, confident young woman with a positive self-image.

Please help the 10 girls at the Home who have embarked on this important campaign. Support their diet efforts and be part of their success.


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