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A bit of background info:

Francesca Abony lives and works in Toronto. She’s a young fashion stylist who takes her job very seriously. She gives her all 5-6 days a week dressing women. This recent fashion fundraiser is Francesca’s second event held on behalf of Lev LaLev to help the girls at the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home.

Answers to The 5 W’s: Who, Where, What, Why and When?

“I Love Goldie” is Francesca’s private brand label

Her “Pop Up” Shop was held at The Petroff Gallery in Toronto

on December 4th, 2011

Close to 50 women attended and shopped with the girls at the Home in the forefront of their minds.

Kosher and health conscious cupcakes with an “I Love Goldie” theme were served from “Sweets from this Earth”


LLL: What does a fashion consultant actually do?

FA: I broaden a woman’s spectrum on how to dress herself by looking into her closet to see what she already owns is first. We see what works for her and what doesn’t. Then goes the consultation and wardrobing aspect.

LLL: What was on sale at the “I Love Goldie” Pop-Up Shop?

FA: This Pop-Up Shop featured I Love Goldie’s winter collection, which included a mix of dresses, suiting, and cozy yet fashionable tops and accessories. Most items may be viewed at:

_DSC0544.JPGLLL: How did you present the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home in your Pop-Up Shop?

FA:  We presented the Lev LaLev Foundation upon entrance into the Gallery. One of our I Love Goldie interns was in charge of handing out brochures to each guest as they arrived and also spoke to them as to what the Foundation does for the young girls of Israel. The intern was also available to discuss any questions a guest posed about the Home.

_DSC0520.JPGLLL: Did people ask you direct questions about the girls at the Home?

FA:  Yes! They were interested in what my involvement with the Home was and why I had specifically chosen to help the Lev LaLev Foundation. I explained to them that my desire to help (young) women is unparalleled to any other, which should be well demonstrated throughout my growing business and future plans. 

I also explained that this is my second event in support of the girls at the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home and just the beginning of unique events that I plan on hosting in my continued support of the Home.

LLL: What motivates your interest in helping the needy and neglected girls in Israel?

Client + Francesca Abony.JPGFA:  Helping girls is what motivates me, in all facets of life. And, that is what the Lev LaLev Foundation is built upon. I think that I am a capable and blessed young woman who believes in giving back and helping others.

LLL: What drives you to be so interested in dressing modest women with a challenge in ‘covering up’?

FA:  I am completely fashion obsessed and found passion in taking on this challenge. I see many problems with the way women dress these days. They are completely confused as to what modest clothing encompasses. I am dedicated to seeing women dress better, feel better, and attain more confidence. I look forward to helping all young girls and women who need assistance with their fashion challenges!

_DSC0541.JPGLLL: Do you plan on visiting Israel and the Home in the future?

FA:  I hope to return to Israel for many reasons and it would be a great honour to visit the Home, meet the girls and help out! I just have to find some time amidst my day job and my growing business with I Love Goldie.

LLL: What do you envision as your future in the garment industry designing modest clothes for observant Jewish women?

FA:  I consider the art of dressing women very enlightening and am fortunate to learn life lessons from all my clients. I look forward to a successful career as an entrepreneur with a fabulously fashionable following and an ability to continue helping women all over the world!

Click here for more information on how YOU can help the girls at the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home


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