Bridal Fundraiser in Monsey, NY
Q & A  with Chava Yelloz,
Inside Our Home Editor and

Chavi Lieberman, Lev LaLev Office Manager

Date of Event: Saturday Night,
December 17th, 2011

Where: Green Family residence,
Monsey, New York

Hours of Event: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
For Whom: The Bride ~ Leah
and her Groom, Shimon

Wedding Date: January 18th, 2012
Their Home will be in: JERUSALEM
Event Coordinator:
Chavi Lieberman, Lev LaLev


Chava Yelloz interviews Chavi Lieberman about this event; how she organized it, promoted it, prepared for it, and of course, who were the lucky recipients and how much did you raise for the? And finally, who came, what did they eat/drink, what did they think? Who spoke? How much did you riase?  And, lots more interesting and touching facts. Enjoy!

CY: Why did you organize this event?
CL: While I was in Israel a few months ago, I met the bride-to-be and realized her great needs. At that point I wasn't able to take on such a big thing, so I decided that when I return to America, I would take it upon myself to raise funds for her wedding expenses. Part of the expenses that I wanted to sponsor included a reception /dinner and as a bonus, some new clothes – a trousseau.

IMG_0327.jpgCY: How did you go get such a large crowd to come?
CL: I decided to hold it on Saturday night and call it a Melave Malka – a gentle ‘ushering out of Shabbat' and the beginning of a new week. So, I sent out personal invitations in the mail, evites, made follow-up phone calls to remind  people the importance of their presence, and the rest is Divine Intervention. More than 100 girls showed up with smiles on their faces.

CY: Who attended?
CL: A group of unmarried post high school girls. I had a group of 'hostesses' - one from each grade in each school. Every hostess made phone calls, sent e-mails, and of course kept track of the number of girls coming.

CY: Which High Schools did they come from?
CL: There was a group from Belz H.S., then another contigency from Pupa H.S. Then came the Viznitz H.S. girls. Satmar, Bais Rochel, Bais Yaakov and Bais Shifra Miriam were also in attendance. We had over 100 girls present.

IMG_0408.jpgCY: What type of activity did you plan for this fundraiser?
CL: We had a fabulous M.C., Mrs.Tziri Frank (on the video above) who was upbeat and told a cute warm-up joke. Then, one of my cousins spoke – Mrs. Deena B. Smith – about a very personal situation – her illness, her return to good health, and how one must not take anything for granted. Everyone present was very engrossed in her talk.

IMG_0309.jpgCY: What was served at the Melave Malkah?
CL: I am very proud to say that everything was donated – from A to Z, whether it was food, beverages, fruit or prize packages for the Chinese Auction – not a single thing was paid for. And all the funds we made, went straight to the Bride.  We had a lavish hot buffet, a beautiful salad bar with a variety of vegetables and dressings, plus some yummy pastries, doughnuts, cappuccino, fruit cups, and we also had candy, chocolates and nuts.

IMG_0288.jpgCY: What about the theme and the decorations?
CL: I organized a few girls to help me decorate the hall – our theme was black and neon (it was stunning) One of the gift packages offered up for the Chinese auction (all items donated) were: an evening bag and a dressy headband by Euro Design, a gift certificate at the Hosiery Store in Monsey, and a make-over at Heaven Scent, also in Monsey. Raffle tickets ran $5 each or 3 for $10. There were 17 more packages offered as well.

CY: Can you please tell us some of the girls’ reactions for this bridal fundraiser?
CL: It was very gratifying to hear girls tell me, “Wow! What a packed crowd!” or, “The program was so much fun!”, and "What a great night out and the mitzvah was even greater!”

CY: How long did you spend on planning this event?
CL: It took me about 3 weeks to organize this fundraiser. I am so glad I helped a young couple get married and to bring so many people into performing this very important mitzvah!

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