232323232%7Ffp73454)nu= 73 )9( )259)WSNRCG=34696 ( 7734 nu0mThere wasn’t a dull minute for these twin girls who are only a minute apart. Entering our Home, these two 7th graders from New Rochelle, New York, were thrilled and dazzled to see the colorful purple and silver balloons and streamers decorating the Home's lobby. With tables set to match, and CDs playing Hebrew songs, Meira and Avital Pasternak were immediately surrounded by the girls who formed a circle around them and began dancing for them and with them.

232323232%7Ffp73439)nu= 73 )9( )259)WSNRCG=34696 ( 9434 nu0mThe Chinese luncheon sponsored by the Pasternak family in honor of their daughters’ bat mitzvah was catered, and consisted of a Lo Mein noodle dish, a salad and for dessert, petit fours, mousse, and a customized congratulatory Mazal Tov cake.

232323232%7Ffp73454)nu= 73 )9( )259)WSNRCG=34698;424834 nu0mAlthough the girls are twins, they wore dresses a bit different from one another…Meira’s dress was silver and black, while Avital’s was gold and black. Lev LaLev's office manager, Chavi Lieberman was visiting the Home from Monsey, New York. She committed herself to do all the organizing along with the Home’s Director, Bracha Runes. Chavi arranged a sing-a-long, got a professional performer -  the popular song stylist Hedva Levy. Her group sand with great ruach- spirit. The girls swayed, clapped and danced. The rhythm and spontaneity of the moment was realized not only by the twins, but also by the staff and administration that also got immersed into the joy and mirth of the party.     

232323232%7Ffp73442)nu= 73 )9( )259)WSNRCG=34697582;634 nu0mChavi Lieberman thought of some interesting games to play between the singing and dancing and initiated them immediately as she did not leave a dull moment in the extensive program.

Avital and Meira are also very busy girls at the Westchester Day School where they attend advanced classes like Math, Gemara, Hebrew and English.  Although this was the twins' first time in Israel, they utilized the Hebrew they knew to communicate effectively with the girls – and according to the counselors on duty, they did a great job.

232323232%7Ffp73456)nu= 73 )9( )259)WSNRCG=346975829634 nu0mMeira and Avital’s mother, Marilyn, shares with us that Chavi Lieberman was the dynamic driving force that put this gala party together. Mrs. Pasternak told Lev LaLev, “From decorating, to dancing, to music, to catering, to the minutest details of hiring the singer and her musicians - everything was perfectly executed!”

Avital was very excited when she explained this experience, saying, " it was most memorable, from the greeting, to the excitement amongst the girls – and especially the fact that they were  very nice to me!” She also added that, “My favorite part of the whole experience was getting to know (the girls at the home). As a whole, they really are so happy together!”

232323232%7Ffp73437)nu= 73 )9( )259)WSNRCG=34697745(834 nu0mMarilyn Pasternak also tells us that the singer, Chedva Levy,  was such a real “superstar”. She immersed all the audience into her music, energizing everyone to ‘sing along’ naturally.

232323232%7Ffp73444)nu= 73 )9( )259)WSNRCG=346977463734 nu0mAs a memento of their trip to the Home, Avital and Meira’s father Al, purchased Olympus digital cameras for every girl.  Each girl truly thanks the Pasternak family for their generous gifts, but especially for their warmth, show of kindness and their daughters’ easy going friendship!

More about the Pasternak Twins:

Although they are twins, and only a minute apart, they still maintain their individuality. While Avital enjoys various sports, she also is artistically inclined and likes to draw. Meira loves to read and especially enjoys novels that teach her history. They do share some of the same hobbies like playing tennis, music and swimming.

Avital’s D’var Torah for her Bat Mitzvah involved the 39 melachot of Shabbat - the forbidden things that are not to be done on the Sabbath. Meira spoke of Lashon Ha’Ra – the evil tongue, or gossip and its dangers. They each learned something great from the other’s speech, a total ‘win-win’ situation!

On their Hebrew birth date, the twins and their family ventured to the Kotel ~ Western Wall, in Jerusalem, where the twins said  …”it just felt holy being there and placing a note in the wall – In HEBREW!”

Marilyn Pasternak winds up her interview by remarking, “This experience exceeded my expectations.” Surely the precious girls at the Home felt the same way after getting to know the warmth and generosity of the Pasternak girls and their parents. They thanked them with a hearty “Todah Rabbah”.

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