Exclusive interview with the Houstons  by “Inside Our Home” editor, Chava R. Yelloz

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When I think of the state of Georgia, I imagine bushels and bushels of peaches, crunchy toasted pecans, bales of cotton and sweet onions. But now, after a warm conversation with Sergil and Jennifer Houston, I also think of a caring couple, parents of two girls themselves, who have enough love to share and care for another girl – one of our own at the Home!

The Houston's.jpgOur dear donors, the Houstons, of Atlanta, told me they were looking to support a Jewish child in Israel. Jennifer says that what she liked when she found Lev LaLev online, and contacted us, is the fact that we were transparent. We broke down the details of our girl’s daily necessities, like the cost of school supplies per child, per month, and by the school year. This open ‘shopping list’ encouraged Jennifer, a mother of 2 girls, to want to help one of ours.

scan0001.jpgAfter communicating with our New York office manager, Chavi Lieberman, and developing a friendly rapport with her, the Houstons made their decision. When Jennifer told her older daughter, Alana, now a second grader, that their family would be helping another little girl in Israel, she was excited at the thought of having yet another “sister” in the family besides her baby sister Rayna who’s 2.

It’s no wonder that Sergil, who originally hails from Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, and Jennifer, who was born in Minnesota, have reached out to a girl in our Home. Their combined bubbly energy is the springboard for their compassion and goodwill.

houston family.jpgJennifer, who was in sales and administration before motherhood, is now a stay at home mom. Sergil conducts employee background checks. So far, the Houston family has not traveled to Israel, but they both agree that they would love to eventually visit and see our Home, too. In the meantime, they are writing back and forth with our 6-year-old, whom they are sponsoring.

When we asked Jennifer about her own girls, her voice swelled with pride, telling us how much Alana enjoys arts and crafts and how little Rayna “is huge on music” and is quite a talker and loves to sing.

We thank the Houstons for their gracious big heart giving our precious 6 year-old at the Children’s Home the additional support every one of our girls need!

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