triplets bar-bat-rgb.jpgI’ve written it once, and I’ll write it again, when it comes to Kids Helping Kids, their spirit and their energy can’t be beat! And, when siblings band together with a common dream and a goal, their resolve is multiplied  - this time, by 3!

Earlier this week, I had the privilege to interview triplets Anna, Julia and Noah Greenblatt from Teaneck, New Jersey. Anna, the triplets’ spokesperson for the day, talked to me from her Dad’s cell phone while she and her family waited to board their non-stop flight to Israel at Newark International Airport. My fast paced questions did not faze her a bit ~ she answered each one with exuberance and zeal, like a true veteran of the media. I was not surprised.

I learned from Anna, that she was searching for a cause for her Bat Mitzvah chesed project, and wanted to help orphans in Israel. It was Lev LaLev’s mazel – good fortune that she easily found us online. Her focus: raising funds to cover one of our girl’s Bat Mitzvah celebrations via the sales of custom-made camp postcards sold in packets of 10 for $15.

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The terrific trio is also involved in other meaningful charity endeavors that benefit local, nationwide, international and Israeli causes. Strength, perseverance and power are always possible with numbers and some good help. Besides the Greenblatt triplets having three times as much brainpower, it doesn’t hurt to have a great support group. The triplets’ parents, Jason (Dov) and Naomi, and their younger siblings (note: their baby sister has to grow up a bit before she joins the force) also take part in their noble deeds. Their conglomerate mitzvot and chesed ventures range from:


♦ The triplets raised funds as part of their local Friendship Circle’s campaign to buy a customized bike for a N.J. boy with cerebral palsy.

The trio volunteered to serve meals on Thanksgiving in a Manhattan community synagogue’s soup kitchen.

Noah helped raise funds for an organization that boosts Israeli soldiers’ morale by sending gift baskets to them on Jewish holidays.

Anna and Julia donated their hair to Israeli children undergoing chemotherapy. 

These examples are only a drop in the bucket of the care and concern these triplets, and their family, show for humanity.



The Greenblatt triplets and 2 of their 3 siblings Avery, now 5,
and Sophia, now 8 (not pictured is baby Vera, 6 months old)

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The Triplets’ stats:

School: The Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey, River Edge
Yes, all 3 of them are entering the 7th grade in September

Favorite Subjects:
Social Studies & Chumash

Their Hobbies:
Soccer, Art & Jewelry Design
Reading, Writing & Soccer
All kinds of Sports!

How Their Parents Help:
Naomi and Jason (Dov) spend quality time in family discussion talking about the world beyond their own.
At first they used existing projects as a launching pad for the triplets to understand the concept of chesed. Now Anna, Julia and Noah are doing their own thing.

Their Lev LaLev Post Card Project
Parents designed flyers
Placed posters in school (with permission, of course) and distributed flyers to friends and family
About 2 ½ weeks.

Anna and Julia’s b’not mitzvah took place in November 2010
Noah’s Bar Mitzvah
is scheduled for this coming December

The Greenblatts are now vacationing in Israel. This is the triplets’ second trip “home.” They plan to practice the Hebrew they learn in school.

The girls at the Home want to say “Todah Rabbah” to the triplets and their family ~ for their great show of chesed and their keen awareness of the needs of others who are less fortunate. Lev LaLev wishes them a wonderful and meaningful time in the land of our forefathers!

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