All Dressed Up and Where to Go!

Elinor-SpaghettiDin.jpgWho doesn’t like to get dressed in their best outfit and go out to a delicious dinner? At our Home we like to give our precious girls the same experience we give to our own kids. It’s such a boost to their spirit to prep themselves, do their hair, dress up in their finest and step out of the Home with a destination in mind.

Our Activities Director, Elinor Gabay, opened her home and her heart to our young teens, inviting them to a spaghetti dinner, with all the trimmings. She also planned one of her special arts and crafts activities that our girls are crazy about.

Lounge2.jpgLast week, Elinor invited groups of girls to visit her home. She set a beautifully decorated table, hung some festive balloons, and gave our girls a warm welcome as they arrived. Smiles, laughter and a good appetite were all they needed to enjoy each other’s company in a new environment.

Many of our dear girls have never experienced being ‘company’ in someone’s home. This exceptional dinner invite proved to be very exciting for our girls, who could surely enhance their self-esteem. This little ‘party’ also taught them behavior appropriate in a smaller and more intimate setting ~ using lower voices and refining their tone of speech.

GroupDance2.jpgBefore the girls left Elinor’s home, they made sure to help clean-up dishes, return leftover food to the kitchen and to properly thank her for her hospitality. Although many of us take these simple skills for granted, we have to make sure that our girls are taught proper behavior in any given situation. In the future, we are sure the girls will emulate the same welcoming gesture of generosity and warmth in their very own homes!


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