Building for Tomorrow

“Building for Tomorrow” is the theme of our older girls’ summer enrichment program. Our Programs Director Bracha Runes’ assistant, Sari explains that every morning our girls receive a lecture from various motivational coaches including rabbis and laymen/women who mentor them in life experiences and train them how to react in both challenging situations and daily life happenings. They are taught coping skills, budgeting their earnings, Home Economics, and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, just to mention a handful of subjects broached upon.

lecture.jpgOne of last week’s lecturers was Rabbi Shai Etari who gave a most inspirational talk about how spirituality can build one’s patience level ~ everything doesn’t happen in one day! He also expounded on the virtues of modesty and humility and how these traits are necessary to build a true Jewish home of love and understanding.

InThePark.jpgAfter lunch, our girls gear up for typical summer fun in the sun. Residing in such close proximity to one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel is surely a dream bonus of living at the Children’s Home. Just a little sunscreen, a blanket, towel and a bottle of iced water is all a girl needs to just cross the road and descend a set of stairs to the shoreline below. Our girls also enjoy the occasional special treat of riding a Tornado Waverunner or going on a leisurely afternoon park picnic.

guitar.jpgBesides fun outdoor activities, our girls also utilize their time to enjoy their year round music lessons in guitar and keyboard and watch educational films in our playroom.


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