When a girl is born close to Purim time, it connects her to the holiday forever! Surely, Eliana Shatkin, who we wrote about last year in a feature about her Bat Mitzvah tzedakah project, holds true to her connection and commitment.

Last year Eliana and her mother, a dynamic mother and daughter team, worked tirelessly to produce a variety of Mishloach Manot arrangements and ship and deliver them to their friends and family. Their driving force reaped benefits for our dear girls.

This year, as Eliana is about to turn 14, her resolve to support our girls has become even stronger. Please click on Eliana’s mitzvah website and view her lovely Purim baskets that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. They are designed for Purim celebrators of all ages. Click here: www.elianasmitzvah.com


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