Exclusive Interview with Tony Martin by Chava Yelloz, editor

When a gentleman with five daughters reads about 103 Israeli girls who have suffered from traumas such as abandonment, neglect, abuse, and loss of parents due to terrorism or illness, a red flag goes up! Mr. Tony Martin of New Zealand has a very sensitive spot in his heart for orphans and widows, so when he wanted to find a good cause to help, the Lev LaLev Fund touched his compassionate chord.

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Parents of 5 Daughters relate to Girls’ Needs
Tony and his wife Toshiko who live way ‘down under’ in Palmerston North, near Wellington City, New Zealand, know what it’s like to care for girls! They are parents to five: Lisa, 20, Emi 17, Alina 16, Tasha 11 and the youngest, Nikita who is 7. Their eldest hopes to study at Auckland University where she would like to major in Psychology and someday do counseling. Sixteen-year-old Alina is a high school student; Emi is home-schooled and is in her final year of correspondence. Tasha, a 6th grader, and 7-year-old Nikita are home-schooled as well.

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The Martin Family, L-R, Lisa 20, Alina 16, Tony and Toshiko, Tasha 11, Nikita 7, and Emi 17

Commited to Youth and Young Adult Leadership Groups

The Martins are deeply committed to and involved with local youth and young adult groups in their community. The “Tribe” group that Tony Martin is associated with is geared to teens up to 18/19 years old. Get togethers include hearing speakers share stories with examples of strong moral values that are both enjoyable and comforting. As a result of these events, valuable life lessons are learned and enduring friendships are formed.

Besides the Tribe youth group, Tony also gave his time and energy to another assembly of young adults called “The No Spin Zone.” This ‘older’ group of mature young people gathers for interactive conversational meetings where political, religious and social beliefs are discussed and debated. Specific subject matter is open and often guest speakers are invited to facilitate the spirited talks. Only recently did Tony step aside from his duties in this group to be involved in other avenues of a charitable nature.

Offering Donors an Opportunity to Own Limited Edition Fine Art Photo Print After 10 years of safe storage, Tony and Toshiko Martin are about to release a very rare, limited edition photo art piece to the market. They wrote to us saying,

“We always intended that these prints would contribute in some way for the good of others and we think the Lev LaLev organization is a very worthy cause.”

Background Information on “Dawn of the New Millennium”
During the “First to the Future” celebrations, New Zealand government’s official ‘New Millennium’ program, a unique photo art piece was commissioned commemorating the very first sunrise of the new millennium. New Zealand's location and relative tilt to the earth's axis meant that ‘kiwis’ (New Zealanders) were the very first nation to welcome the inaugural rays of maiden sunrise of the new Millennium.

Graeme Matthews, one of New Zealand’s most distinguished and well-published wilderness photographers captured the image. Poor weather on Jan. 1st, 2000 prevented photographers from shooting the sunrise. However, on a whim, Graeme Matthews took an early morning excursion to the coast of Kaikoura, in the South Island of New Zealand. He was literally one of the only photographers in the world to capture the glorious maiden sunrise on the morning of 01-01-2000.

The Art Photo’s Specs
A collector's heirloom was then meticulously printed on large 89cm x 62cm (35in x 24in) 300gsm panoramic fine-art board from the famous Nordica Mills in Germany. Premium quality light fast inks, combined with the superior acid-free qualities of Nordica's art board, ensure excellent color quality for literally hundreds of years.

Inscribed under the main title are the timeless words from the Hebrew Prophet, Malachi: "But for you who revere My Name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings." (Tanakh, the book of Malachi)

After one run of only 500 prints, the plates were destroyed, making this an exclusive art piece that will never be duplicated. Every print is hand-numbered and shipped with a signed certificate of authenticity. For more info see: www.gbsdezign.com/donm

This Photographic Art Can Be Yours and Our Home Can Benefit
The Martins would be honored to make these prints available to you, allowing the Lev LaLev Fund to benefit from approximately 50% of the profit of every print sold amongst family, friends and supporters.

The Dawn of the Millennium is offered to Lev LaLev donors at the special price of $299 USD each (normally $399). The Lev LaLev Fund would receive about $140 USD from every fine print sold. Packaging and postage will be taken care of by Tony’s company, GBS Dezign.

The Lev LaLev Fund appreciates Tony and Toshiko Martin’s offer to our friends and donors and the opportunity to help fund special need programs for dear girls at the Rubin Zeffren Children’s Home. Click here to purchase “The Dawn of the Millennium”


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