Playground Sponsor’s Grandma Visits Our Home
Joan Goldberg of Scotland Drops By to Say “Hello”

When our girls learned that the savta – grandma, of their playground sponsor was coming to visit their Home, they were so excited. Since they have yet to meet their own peer, Naomi Hyman of Irvine, CA, they were thrilled at the opportunity of seeing and greeting the lady who is Naomi’s very own maternal grandmother.

Our Programs Director, Bracha Runes, relates to LLL what an emotional experience it was for Mrs. Joan Goldberg of Scotland, to disembark from her taxi at the Children’s Home gate, to be met by Bracha and a few other staff members, and then within a moment to see the playground, installed through the efforts of her granddaughter.

Joan Goldberg came to Netanya wearing a big smile and sporting a spry step. She immediately became surrounded with love and warmth as our dear girls encircled her with genuine hugs, kisses and big smiles. Those girls who spoke English offered Joan Goldberg many thanks for her granddaughter Naomi’s hard work in raising funds for their beloved playground and recreation area. Other girls who do not speak English yet, also gave praise for Joan’s granddaughter, their remarks translated by Bracha Runes and our staff.

After Bracha Runes gave Joan Goldberg a complete tour of the Home, many of the girls escorted her back outside to the playground where she joined them on a swing, relaxed a bit with them on a bench, and posed for some delightfully amusing photos.

There is no greater nachas - pleasure than for a grandmother to see firsthand the results and the product her grandchild’s dedication and passion conceived. Joan was overwhelmed by the appreciation our girls showed without reservation – as she watched many of them frolic on the swings, climb structures, balance on beams and let loose after a day at school.Even in one’s most vivid imagination, such a sight could not have been conjured up but seen personally.

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