Pride and Mazal Tov Corner

See How Far Our Girls Have Come!

[object Object]We are so proud of a group of new girls at our Home. Several of them arrived at the beginning of the last school year, and one girl arrived in the beginning of the winter.

Bracha Runes, Our Programs Director, shares with us how teachers, counselors, tutors and administrators are so pleasantly surprised how these young girls, who were terribly behind in their studies due to the turmoil they suffered in their lives, completed the year with flying colors.

One girl in particular, a 5th grader, could hardly read. She was so embarrassed and frustrated. And, through the patience and hard work of a dedicated after school reading tutor, the kindness and devotion of her classroom teacher, and of course the girl’s own perseverance, she received a top grade in reading skills. Kol HaKavod!

The other new girls also achieved learning skills way above everyone’s expectations. This proves to us that in the proper environment and with care and love, and professional help, each of our girls can make it happen!

We’re Proud of our girls!


Mazal Tov! [object Object]

Our very dedicated and talented Activities Director, Elinor Gabbay recently gave birth to her b’chor…firstborn son.

We wish Mr. and Mrs. Gabbay much nachat from their son. May they see him celebrate his bar mitzvah and wedding, in good health and always in happiness.


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