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In just two short weeks, we’ll be starting the Rosh Hashana Jewish New Year, and a quick few days after, we’ll be observing the fast of Yom Kippur.

On my very first Yom Kippur as a post bat mitzvah girl, at the close of the final Neilah prayer, I started to feel very warm. I asked my older sister standing next to me if it had gotten really hot all of a sudden and she replied with an emphatic: “No, you should sit down.” Since the Aron was still open, and the Torah’s exposed, I preferred to make a mad dash for the door. I rushed outside into the cool fall evening air and instantly felt better. I am relieved to say that I was able to successfully complete the fast without fainting and that every fast since has passed without incident.

For many of you, this may be your first Yom Kippur in which you are responsible before G-d for your own actions, good and bad. Even if you still haven’t reached Bat Mitzvah age yet, or like me, have gotten used to the Yom Kippur routine, it is never too late (or too early, as the case may be) to pledge to make a difference, in both your life and in the lives of others.

Wishing you all a joyous Rosh Hashana and a meaningful Yom Kippur fast. May we all be signed and sealed for a good year filled with lots of mitzvahs!
Sheena Levi
Director of Outreach

 shutterstock_59576662.jpgSell knitted hats or scarves for charity  

Do you and your friends like to knit or crochet? The weather is turning colder and people are digging out their winter wardrobes. Give them something new to feel proud of wearing this winter season, have fun with friends, gain experience taking and fulfilling orders, and benefit orphans in Israel!


David Charendoff, NJ on his Bar Mitzvah this month! David’s Bar Mitzvah theme is “tzedakah.” Each table at his celebration will feature a different charity, one including Lev LaLev.  

Leah Bader, GA on her Bat Mitzvah this month! Leah collected pledges for her 10K marathon run on Labor Day in order to raise funds to twin her Bat Mitzvah with an orphan in Israel. Good luck Leah!



Name: Racheli Wolicki
  Spring Valley, NY
Bat Mitzvah Date:
June 2012
Mitzvah Project:
Decorating pencils and making necklaces for the orphaned girls in Israel

Tell us a little about yourself.
I take karate every Monday and Thursday. I have an older brother and a younger sister. 

How did you decide to take on this particular project for Lev LaLev?
I really wanted to help disadvantaged people, especially girls my age, who don’t have as much as me. This seemed like a good idea and it was.

(left to right) Sheena holding the necklaces made for the girls in Israel, Racheli with her special Lev LaLev mitzvah plaque, and Racheli’s mom Bernice in the Lev LaLev offices

What was the most meaningful part of doing this Mitzvah Project for your Bat Mitzvah?
Getting to help make the girls happy and give them something nice.

Please share any details or fond memories of your Mitzvah Project and Bat Mitzvah.
My friends and family really enjoyed doing the project at my Bat Mitzvah. They really enjoyed being creative with the pencils and writing the heartfelt notes to the orphans.

What are your plans for the future, i.e. life after Bat Mitzvah?
I plan to try and do mitzvahs every chance I get and try to help people whenever I can.

Anything else you would like to share about your experience with Lev LaLev, Bat Mitzvah or Mitzvah Project?
It was a really great experience knowing that we were not only having a good time, but also thinking about others. It made my Bat Mitzvah so much more meaningful.

Please share your advice for a girl looking into doing a Mitzvah Project for her Bat Mitzvah.
Do it, because it gives you a great feeling and you will feel so great afterwards.

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September survival tip:
Join forces

Do you have a close friend or cousin around your age? Consider having your Bat Mitzvahs and/or doing a mitzvah project together. Now that the back to school season is in full swing and everyone is settling back into a schedule, it is the perfect time to plan a study date and brainstorming session on how you can utilize each of your separate talents to develop a larger than life project. Check out what Bat Mitzvah girls Noa and Naomi were able to do together: Click HERE

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Lev LaLev is a Jewish Charity aiding the disadvantaged children at the Rubin-Zeffren Children's Home in Netanya, Israel. Your donation is tax deductible and helps build quality Jewish lives for Jewish orphans and underprivileged youth in Israel.


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